Friday , January 27 2023

Trump blindsides Twitter with his "Singing Farmer" Persona Throw (VIDEO) – RT USA Nevs


US President Donald Trum tweeted a footage by himself and actresses trained as farmers by singing the theme of Green Acres to celebrate the draft law on agriculture from 2019, caught the media out of fear at the time of the government's abandonment.

Pip, marked with # TBT for "back on Thursday, "dates from Emma 2005, when Hollivood had a rather sensual look at Trump, and then at the height of his reality-TV stardom with"An apprentice. His partner on the scene is actress Megan Mullalli from Vill & Grace.

The Agricultural Law in the amount of $ 867 billion – the Law on the Improvement of Agriculture, was officially adopted by the Senate last week after long negotiations on food requirements, restrictions not included in the final account. While Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) described Trump's account signed as "mostly house status, "he made an unusual step of legalizing industrial cannabis as crops.

Mullalli died after seeing her hand in hand with Hollywood's # 1 boogeyman, he first responded with "OMG", and then the full statement:

Some of the presidents of Tviter's followers thought they were looking at the jokes account …

Others accused him of trying to deflect his endless legal suffering.

Others had their "Throvbacks" on hand:

Who knew when he sang "Hold Manhattan, just give me that neighbor!" He was thinking of Washington, DC?

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