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When is Hunter Price, the new man Kathirn Dennis is reportedly acquainted?


Kathirn Dennis and Hunter Price Kathirn Dennis and Hunter Price | Instagram via Kathirn Calhoun

Southern Charm star, Kathirn Dennis did not really come out of the break with Thomas Ravanel. But now she not only moves, but also goes public with her new relationship. Dennis is having fun with Hunter Price. Find out who he is and more.

Kathirn Dennis posted a picture with Hunter Price on Instagram and called it "her person"

The Southern Charm the star posted a picture with Hunter Price on Instagram with a simple inscription of the black heart's emoticon and signifying it. The lover in the comments asked: "Who is it?" The star of reality replied with "my person."

Naomie Olindo also commented on a picture with "OoOoOoOoO insta offish." but it's color.

Hunter Price was previously involved America's Got Talent

The singer competed in the 13th season America's Got Talent. He discovered what made him perform. "My mom, when I was 18 years old, entered me into the karaoke competition and I continue it. It makes me happy. "Auditioned with the song" Everything I Do "by Brian Adams.

Simon Covell actually forced him to change his song and so he played the original called "Left Behind". But he was eliminated in the judges.

The singer has discovered that she wants to be like Tailor Svift when it comes to singing and writing songs. He also said that he was alone from his 18th year, and sometimes did not have enough money for food.

She's performing regularly in Nashville

Hunter Price still makes music and performs regularly in Nashville, but is from Georgia. He is also a friend of Kane Brovn, according to iHeart Radio. He is currently an unsigned artist, but part of his music is available on iTunes.

Dennis recently rejected rumors to have fun with Austen Kroll

There were lots of rumors about the fun that danced around Dennis during the holidays. One rumor is to have fun Southern Charm co-star, Austen Kroll. She set up a picture with him at Instagram who wished fans "Happy Thanksgiving", not just that people were wondering if they were having fun, but whether Dennis was pregnant.

When a rumor was heard about pregnancy, she said: "No, I just got weight," says Celebriti Insider. Kroll also wrote with "* Some of these people are absurd. Thank you! Oh, and my stomach is still recovering! "

Tamara Tattles also reported about the photo and claimed that Dennis's children with Ravanel were on holiday, so she spent it with Kroll's family.

So, nothing happened between Dennis and Kroll. But something definitely happens between her and Price. The fans will have to wait and see if it will mean that they will appear in the show in the future.

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