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Xbox Live Games with Gold: Free Games for Xbox One for January 2019


Xbox games with gold for January 2019 have been announced, with a few recent hits and older classic mics for the latest series of free titles for Xbox One.

Although many of us will unwrap new video games on Christmas Day, thanks to some generous loved ones, getting some more free to download will certainly not hurt.

Remember that if you are a member of Ksbok Live Gold, you still have time to download the December gold games, with the first-person KUBE 2 Puzzle that is available until December 31st, and the atmospheric platformer was never left until January 15th.

In December, Microsoft also included the original title of Xbox Mercenaries: Plaiground of Destruction in games with a golden line until December 31st. Action Adventure Title 2005 can be played on Xbox One via backward compatibility.

Here is a list of Xbox Live games with gold for January, with links to a list of each game on the Xbox website.

Xbox One

Celeste: January 1 – January 31

Celeste offers a retro-style challenge

This challenging pixel art platformer puts you in Madeline shoes that must expand the Celeste Mountains. Every short level requires mastering the use of dashes in the air and limited climbing on the walls.

Although you can reduce the level of challenge thanks to the Assist Mode game, more hardcore players can unlock even more difficult versions of Celestine stages. The game received praise for a well-designed game and an interesting story.

World Rally Championship 6: 16 January – 15 February

Put the pedal on the metal in the VRC 6

If you want to dip your hands with some fast and furious racing, the VRC 6 should have a lot to capture you with a series of tracks, licensed vehicles and sets from the 2016 season.

Xbox 360

Lara Croft: The Guardian of Light: January 1 – January 15

Team-up or go solo in Lara Croft: Guardian of Light

This spin-off from the Tomb Raider series puts Lara Croft in an isometric action adventure with light puzzle solving. Can play solo or fantastic in a two-person co-op (both on the local and on the Internet), the game sees Lara to team up with the ancient Mayan warrior Totecom to win the evil spirit of Xolotia and his bastards.

Far Cri 2: January 16 – January 31

Far Cri 2 has added a whole range of new features to the series

Far Cri 2 took Ubisoft's FPS franchise and completely rediscovered it, with new characters and mechanics, as well as adding an open world. These changes would be a draft for a series that goes ahead, leading to a well-established formula that can be seen in the new Far Cri 5.

Serving in a fictitious African country, FC2 sees a player in charge of eliminating an arms dealer called Shakal that sells weapons to both sides of the war between factions seeking to take control of the country.

There is a high dose of realism, with humiliated pistols, with a dynamic weather system, even with malaria, which means that the protagonist must take medication at regular intervals in real time to fight the symptoms.

How do Xbox games with Gold work?

As a reward for maintaining their Ksbok Live Gold subscription, members receive two free gold games monthly for limited download on Xbox One and Xbox 360. The titles range from older AAA blockbusters and cult indie hits to underrated gems and – very occasionally – completely new edition.

Two free games for Xbox 360 are compatible with Xbox One, which means that Microsoft's current gene console owners can get four free games per month.

Games are yours to keep them, even if you cancel a subscription to Xbox Live Gold after download. Just select the & # 39; Gold & # 39; on your Xbox One or Xbox 360. Alternatively, you can use the Xbox webpage.

Even if you have not yet upgraded to Xbox One, you can still get these games for free as long as you have a Xbox Live Gold account. Just log on to the Xbox webpage, go to the Title List page and take advantage of the offer. The game will appear in the console list & # 39; Ready to install & # 39; if you buy Xbox One in the future.

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