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27 years ago, Freddie Mercurie revealed to the world that he has an AIDS

On November 23, 1991, 27 years ago, one of the symbolic figures of the wall published its difficult reality: Freddie Mercuri has decided to tell the world that he has an AIDS.

His life changed four years ago when he learned that two ex-lovers had concluded the HIV virus. Merkur made a proper analysis and the results were not good.

He kept a secret for a long time. He only knew his closest neighborhood, as well as his ex-girlfriend Mari Austin and members of his band, The Queen.

The media began to speculate. The singer changed physically and spent much more time in her house, which she later knew that she was able to undergo treatment and continue to write.

But Mercury wanted to open his eyes to his situation, and sent a statement to reporters.

"After a huge presumption in the press, I want to confirm that I am HIV positive and have an AIDS. I thought it was proper to maintain the privacy of this information in order to protect the privacy of those around mewrote a musician. Image foto_00000002

"Now It's time for my friends and fans around the world to know the truth, and I hope everyone will join me, my doctors and all those around the world in the fight against this horrible disease, "he added.

One day later After the announcement of the message, on the night of 24 November 1991, a short statement from her publicist Rocky Meades confirmed "Freddie Mercuri died in peace in his house. His death is a result of bronchopneumonia, caused by an AIDS. "

He was only 45 years old.

Although, according to Time, Merkur did not want to be the "symbol of the child" of AIDS, but contributed to an important way of prevention. Thanks to him, he inspired organizations and collected millions of dollars for his research.

The last video that Merkur recorded with the Queen was "These are the Days of Our Lives", May 30, 1991.

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