Saturday , February 4 2023

A great "dilemma" that would mean the return of the Mou


Release Jose Mourinho from the bench Manchester United and the beginning of an irregular season real Madrid continue to generate many controversies. The Portuguese coach left the "Red Devils" box in the sixth position in Premier League and qualified for the second round Champions League.

Real Madrid is divided into rumors that would bring the Portuguese back to Real Madrid bench. Part of the white fans is in opposition to a white team coach for three years. However, there is another one that is entirely in favor of the return of the Portuguese.

Between this last part is a tertulino program Chiringuito de Jugones, Juanfe Sanz. The journalist was open last night: "It would obviously be good for Real Madrid if Jose Mourinho came, because for me, he, along with Simeon, is one of the best coaches in the world. "

However, Tertuliano wanted to play a very sensitive issue, and this would involve the Portuguese in the event of returns or costumes: "Real Madrid will have to choose, because there are players who will not want to play with Mourinho. Then the problem is: sell those players who enter the clothing and leave to refuse to be with Mourinho, or not to bet on the luso and to follow players who do not support Mourinho. " Now he'll touch him real Madrid decide whether the club will sign Murinho or not? We'll see …

Then, the tweets from the program 'El Chiringuito':

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