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A tense dialogue between Jose Antonio Neme and Sergio Rojas appears in “Me Late” »DUPLOS

Journalist Jose Antonio Neme a panelist from “Beats Me” Sergio Rojas had a tense dialogue in the show TV +, in the middle of an interview with the first for his departure from Network to get started, again, in Mega.

The employment, which surprised public opinion, was announced this Monday, March 29. Neme will come for the morning ride “Pleasure” from Betty’s sign. For his part, from La Redo, where the journalist worked in conducting political space “Free guidelines”, reported that a farewell was scheduled for “Hello Chile”, a situation that did not happen in the end.

In the program “I’m late”, which he leads Daniel Fuenzalida, Rojas asked about the new contract offered by Mega in conditions that, obviously, were not to Neme’s liking.

La Red picks you up when they remove you from Meg and you say you weren’t even clear of the reasons. You are embarking on a project from absolute love to idealism, and that is “Pauta Libre”, the entertaining journalist and host of Kue te lo dice began his request.

And it turned out that it is now very easy to enchant yourself with the project again with 13 million in your pocket. Very modestly, anyone can do whatever they want … I am amazed by the fact that a person who talks about freedom, about justice, today receives this brutal amount of salary without any fuss and leaves a project that has to do with others, following your real instinct He continued.

To this, Neme replied: “The net didn’t pick me up. Because I wasn’t a beggar and they didn’t do me a favor“.

“I did them a favor. They hired me. I’m a professional, although I may not have a channel at the time. I don’t think this is a favor. It is a mutual benefit“He added.

And although Rojas specified it “Employed in unemployment”Neme continued, pointing out “as if I had asked.” In the same direction, after a while, he stated that it seemed that he had no taste to talk about money on television and that “Everyone negotiates their contracts in accordance with the conditions offered by the employer and those that someone believes their work is worth.. I think my work pays off. ”

It should be remembered that in a recent interview with latest news the journalist assured that his departure from “Slobodna pauta” and later entry into work in Meg, after being fired from that media in early 2020, was motivated because he was convinced of “adventure and guarantees of freedom to channel (…) First what I asked was what was my margin of action. They gave me freedom of the press, information and they believe in my criteria“.

For his part, La Reda’s political conversation space would be led by his four panelists, who would change in that role.

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