Tuesday , January 31 2023

Actors of Blood Pact release Shakeup in Teleseries


Antonia Bosman (Daniela) and Antonia Aldea (Dominga), the protagonists of the night-time soap opera "Pacto de Sangre", visited our streaming "Nosotras L4" to review details on how to get to the plan of this trilateral Channel 13.

Both actresses have recognized how much they feel comfortable with the big actors and the quality of the soap script, which, according to them, is the main factor in the success of the night production.

"It has a carcass structure that draws public attention. They are not black or white, they have shades that have a rich history," said Antonia Bosman, a play by Daniele Solis, a student killed by a group of friends on the bachelorette party.

The actresses agreed that the soap opera only turned to drama and that things would come up. "This is just the beginning, what Karina was a trigger and now caga and will not stop, "Bosman said.

For her part, Aldea said that they were satisfied with the reception of the telerjering audience, which was reflected in the "Best TV of the Year" prize in Copihue de Oro 2018.

"We were surprised that we won the prize, although we are not doing a job to compete with another production, or say" we have to beat Copihue. "But the same is appreciated," said the actress, who in Dominica resurrects the soap opera and expects her character to have leading role in the next chapters.

"This affected Karina's death, she still has to re-articulate with her mother and with her father that she has a different topic. She has problems with Ignatius who is very depressed and she (Dominga) is trying to find her place in all this"

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