Tuesday , January 31 2023

AES Gener announces restructuring and appoints a new president


The Steering Committee of AES Gener notified the Financial Market Commission (CMF) that he appointed Julian Nebraux as the new president of the entity, replacing Berner Da Santos, who will retain his position as director of the company together with the executive vice president and chief operating officer of AES Global.

According to the statement of the energy company, the Nebred code corresponds toadministrative eestructuracion business units AES in South America – Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia – whose presidency also implements.

Who's Julian Nebred?

The new head of AES Genera is attorney at the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela, and has a master's degree in law and a Master of Laws on securities and financial regulations from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

Nebreda had multiple positions in AES, including the chairman of the business unit Europe, Central America and Brazil, as well as positions in the public and private sector.

Julian Nebreda thanked Bernard da Santos for his commitment to AES Gener and the special time and power dedicated to restructuring Alto Maipo and pointed out that this is not a farewell reason because Bernerd will continue to be actively involved in the company's development and activities, contributing to his experience and global vision. "

Nebreda added that AES Gener has begun the process of technological transformation in a constant search for accelerating a safer and sustainable energy future and that this phase of the company is very challenging.

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