Tuesday , January 31 2023

Alekis wants to emigrate yes or yes


This week, Manchester United announced the news with the dismissal of Portuguese Jose Mourinho, after two and a half years in position. In the middle of the season, controversy is filled with various types, the club briefly announced the departure of the coach. This change in the technical direction represents new opportunities for players such as Alecis Sanchez, who did not have the best season in England.

However, the presence of a new coach (in this case, Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who took over until the end of the campaign) does not necessarily have to go hand in hand with the continuity of Tocopillan in the Red Devils.

Unlike his stay in London, Sanchez is not comfortable in Manchester (he is not comfortable in the city) and transferred to the nearest circuit. For this reason, it is possible to go to the transition market window that opens in January. "He wants to stay the same, he wants to fight for the championship," says a close associate of the football player. Fernando Felicevich's representative has spent a week in England, while the attacker recovered in Chile from injury. The Argentine traveled to solve the Sanchez situation.

This goes hand in hand with information broadcast from English media at the end of November, pointing out that Alekis has already told his neighbors that his intention was to emigrate and that the possible Paris Saint-Germain horizon, the dominant French football. While his stay is defined or not in a red shop, former Cobreloa remains in the country where he celebrated his 30th birthday last Wednesday.

As the attacker intends to leave Arsenal, there is a possibility of resorting to a transfer request, which is a formal transfer request that can be used by footballers who are active in England, stating their intention to emigrate. Sanchez's relationship with Manchester United lasts until June 2022.

Yesterday, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer led his first training as a technical manager of United. In the morning he was in the training center in Carrington, and, according to British media reports, a meeting with the campus and executive director Ed Voodward was held. The Norwegian Premier on the bench will be this Saturday, visiting Cardiff City for the prime minister.

As Alekis prepares to return to court in 2019, a parallel film about his life enters the right country. At the beginning of this week, he finished recording a tape in which a player interprets himself, under the leadership of Alejandro Fernandez Almonds and the stage designer Josefina Fernandez. The film entered the post-production phase.

It is expected that the first film with the film will be presented in mid-January, while Daniel Munoz will be the main actor. The recording was developed at the locations of Santiago and Tocopilla.

"Everything worked in accordance with the plan and the times we thought for the whole role. We knew it would not be easy, especially because of Aleksey's limited time because he lives in England, but we focused on time and everything turned out to be what we expected" , said Marianne Hartard, executive producer of Fabula, a Larrain brothers. He's in charge of the film.

The prime minister is expected in the middle of next year.

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