Saturday , February 4 2023

Alfredo Arias, with a clean and clean trail to the UC bench


List of candidates for the position of technical director in The Universidad Catolica is decreasing and the Cruzados work in the shortest list The postulant has an important advantage: Uruguayan Alfredo Arias.

The Uruguayan began his holiday on Thursday, after completing an agreement with him Bolivar yesterday on Wednesday Former Santiago Wanderers coach finished his season at the Academy with a loss of 2-1 as a visitor to Oriente Petrolero, who left the Pacenos classified in Libertadores 2019 as Bolivia 4.

"I hope that the new technical body will give security to the inhabitants of Bolivar and will not continue with the uncertainty that arose a few months ago. Possibility if I stay, monitors uncertainty"Arias said in the farewell club in La Paz, marked by a direct crisis crossing the Bolivian giant.

After his maturity from Bolivar, Arias began contacting Cruzados, specifically with the sports manager Hoseo Marijo Buljubasic, who leads negotiations on the UC to find a replacement for Spanish Benat San Jose.

Uruguay has presented a clarified and fast way to negotiate its UC conditions. Although he has an option on the market in the Middle East, Arias has made it clear that he more likes to privilege sports over the economy. His idea is to work in a big team that competes in important cases.

Other candidates that are part of the short list of UC are complex. Argentine Mariano Soso has a contract to December 2019 with Emelecom and Guaiakuil already warned they do not want to leave, especially in the interest of Catholics and Nevell's Old Bois. In the same amount of trasandino Eduardo Dominguez, who is a free agent, that is a favorite candidate of the leadership of Nacional de Uruguay and a postulant number two in Boca Juniors, after Gustavo Alfaro.

This Thursday will meet catalog Cruzados and Jose Maria Buljubasic will present the conditions of candidates who are still in the race for banking from above.

Actually, It can be a basic day to define a DT that will take an introduction to the UC 2019, especially for Arias, which can stay on the track even more expeditiously to reach San Carlos de Apokuindo.

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