Friday , June 2 2023

An effective antibiotic to eliminate bacteria


It would be a "Trojan horse" to eliminate bacteria

Increasingly, bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, making some infections very difficult to treat.

Now, according to the results of a randomized Phase 2 study published in the article "Infectious Diseases Lancet" and taking "ABC", the new antibiotic proved to be as effective as a standard antibiotic for the treatment of complicated urinary tract infections caused by several Gram-negative bacteria resistant to multiple drugs .

The results show that patients treated with siderophore drug, cefiderole, had a higher and more permanent level of pathogen eradication and a clinical outcome similar to those treated with the current standard of care.

Cefiderol is new in its approach to overcoming the three main antibiotic resistance mechanisms used by Gram-negative bacteria: two external membranes that interfere with penetration of antibiotics, porcine channels that can be adapted and changed to block the entry of antibiotics and outbreaks.

"Cefiderol acts as a Trojan horse," explains Simon Portsmouth, Shionogi Ing, United States, who was investigating.

"The drug uses a new cell-entry mechanism that takes advantage of the bacteria in the stomach to survive." "During an acute infection, one of our innate immune responses is to create an environment that is bad for iron," he says. "In response, bacteria increase the iron intake."

According to their explanations, cefiderol is associated with iron channels and is transported through an additional external membrane with its own iron transport system of bacteria.

The availability of new antibiotics is urgently needed, since the rates of antibiotic-resistant infections since 2002 have been doubled.

Some reviews estimate that by 2050, 10 million people will die from drug-resistant infections.

New drugs

Experts believe it is necessary to develop antibiotics that attack bacteria in completely new ways. Last month, at IDVeek in 2018, five promising antibiotics for infection by resistant organisms were presented.

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