Tuesday , May 18 2021

Audak ends its loss with a series of killing Curico and mathematically ensures its continuity in the first

After five games without knowing victory, Audak Italiano again celebrated the win this Friday with a 4-1 win over Curico Unido at the Bicentenario Stadium in La Florida on the 29th day of the 2018 National Championship.

The team led by Juan Jose Ribera, who did not win since October 12, when he defeated Barneche 1-0 for Copa Chile, became convinced of his offensive power over Torteros with his attack under Sergio Santos and Ignacio Jeraldina.

Jeraldino just opened his account at the 44th penalty. And in the first minute of the aggregate of the first time, Santos extended the preference for audinos with a definite definition.

Curico suggested returning through a penalty kick Sebastian Zuniga (62 '), but at 73' Fabian Torres was increased to local and at 90 'Dario Bottinelli closed the scoring with 12 rounds.

With this victory, Audak Italiano mathematically sealed his stay in the First Division, although the possibility of descent was practically impossible after the 28th Championships. Curico was already completely dangerous.

At the last date of the 2018 National Championship, Floridians will have to visit O'Higgins in El Teniente, while the team under the command of Jaime Vera will have to do a job at La Granja in front of the University of Chile.

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