Monday , November 29 2021

Barcelona no longer excludes Neimar's return to Real Madrid PSG | Choice of Brazil


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The departure of Neymar from Barcelona was a scandal, to the extent that the club had previously rejected the Brazilian FIFA vice versa. However, things seem to have changed as Blaugran's dome does not exclude the possibility of return.

And, a few months ago Barcelona I saw this impossible, but now they do not exclude the return of the unconditional friend Lionel Messi. What change? The Brazilian has a consent to all costumes, mostly from heavy scales. They could say a controversial situation Dembele who until now has not been shivering since his arrival.

What will it do? PSG? We do not consider departing one of our maxims from the Paris Club The stars and they are warned in any situation. However, in France They point out that the Brazilian contract will have a special clause, which is one? If the offer reaches 222 million, it has to accept it.

But that's not a secret Neimar be a priority Real Madrid, So, millions will make a big difference to sign it. Florentino Perez must sign the exit from Cristiano, the merengue team showed that urgent reinforcements are needed, and in January they will go with everything to sign Brazilians, although they are also asked Mbappe and Eden Hazard.


Manchester United also intends to take Neimar in the January transfer market.

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