Thursday , August 11 2022

Case of Catrillance: Formalized by an illegitimate pressure on a former GOPE who arrested a child under the age of 15


Prosecutor La Araucania, Roberto Garrido, will formalize for the crime of illegitimate restrictions of former sergeant GOPE, Raul Avilaresponsible for the arrest of a juvenile accompanying Mapuche Camilla Catrillanca, died on November 14 at the top of the tractor.

Regarding the cause of the crime, the Prosecutor's Office maintains seven carabinieri and lawyers and, at the final stage of the investigation, asked the Collipulli Guarantee Court to reform the charges in order to describe in detail all the crimes for which they are responsible. afternoon Third PM.

Prosecutor Garrido determined the killing of illegitimate restrictions by former Sergeant GOPE Raul Avila, a carabiner who arrested a teenager, 15 years old.

The Prosecution, moreover, he will dismiss the charge of attempted murder which was attributed to Avila for shooting at the tractor, due to a warning by Judge Maria Fernanda Lagos at the last hearing when she warned that "the death of a victim caused by the murder of Carlos Alarcon", another former GOPE official, for what can not be " to assume on the basis of their participation (the one from Avila) in this particular crime. "

So finally, the public prosecutor decided formalize Avila for illegitimate restrictions and obstruction of researchbecause he destroyed the Go Pro camera's memory cards.

With this new formulation of the charges, Avila risks the penalty ranging from five years to one day, was more than convicted of the criminal offense of attempted simple killings in which he risked three years in prison.

M.P.C. He told Chileis that, when arrested, he was tied up with plastic ropes. Avila "He told me to still be on earth because he pointed to me, with my knee all the time on my back and pointed it in my head".

"Did I want you to be killed as your penny?", threatened the former GOPE according to the juvenile's story.

The next will be the restructuring of the charges Friday, March 22 at 10:00. in the Collipully Collaborative Court.

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