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Chile already knows its rivals after the draw of South American U-20


La Roja is placed in group A, and Brazil and Colombia will be among the first in the first stage. Rancagua is the seat, as well as Curico and Talca.

Ricardo Obando

The technical staff led by Hector Robles, a group of 30 players who practice in Kuilin every week, fans of football and ranchaginas, are rejoicing. In the end, after the draw in the South American U-20 "Young America" ​​Championship of Chile 2019, La Roja met with his rivals to start the tournament, which is delivering tickets for the FIFA World Cup in Poland in 2019.

In that sense, the national team that will be local at the El Teniente Stadium during the tournament, was in Group A, along with Colombia, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia. In the meantime, in group B, where Uruguayan seeds are, other selections will be Paraguay, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru.

As for the initial classification, the national team coach, Hector Robles, ruled that "we are preparing everything on this tournament, we want to get to the best conditions, the two groups will be very complicated."

He just pointed out that at the moment preparations were being measured against these selections and that "we must consider that we have to come to a match against Bolivia at best."

In the passage, he pointed out that the opponents in Group A are "very hard rivals, they move to be respected because they want to qualify for this tournament, and I think that the experience will live on the previous tournament (South American Games), we have a lot to serve ".

In the final preparation for the tournament, Robles commented that "we have four friendly friends, with Paraguay and Uruguay, who are only in group B. It will be very useful for preparation and we want to empower a group of players, not the tenth player."

In addition, he appreciated what happened in this season at the national championship, the same in previous years, in relation to the U-20 rule. In that sense, he said that "it's all positive that we move forward with our young players, get their space, go into professional football, and we have a group that has been working for 20 months, aware of what we will face in January" .

Finally, on the possibilities of using the Celeste Monastery as a concentration site, La Roja's trainer said that he "more than doubted that he had left the safety of what O & M Higgins and Rancagua delivers in terms of training and concentration sites."


At this ceremony, which was attended by the authorities from the region of Higgins and Maule, as well as current and selected footballers, the president of the National Association of Professional Football (ANFP), Arturo Salah, said: "We are grateful to the municipalities that helped us in Rancagua and Talca and Curico. "
On the ball, he pointed out that the group that matches La Roya is "heavy." Brazil is a drive, Venezuela is a world champion in the category, Colombia is very developed, but we believe our selection for the preparatory actions that have been made. "

In addition, he commented that they expect success "The selection went to the World Cup after many years of playing here, and we hope we can achieve the goal. We want to be in the World Cup in Poland and the Panama Games in Lima."
Finally, CONMEBOL's competition manager, Hugo Figuerero, said that "this is the second tournament that is important after Copa America. Chile has shown capacity, there are experiences with Copa America, Copa America Femenina and South American U-17" "We have great expectations, and as far as sport is concerned, this is a category that has proven to bring good players, an excellent level."


On the other hand, three members of La Roja gave their impressions. First, attacker Ivan Morales (Colo-Colo) said that "we already know our rivals, we can look at their preparation and find out what we will face on the tournament."

In addition, he said that Group A is "strong, as well as B. Every selection brings a variety of things and we hope that we will get good results and achieve the goal we want."

For his part, Tomas Alarcon (O & H Higgins) said that "the rivals were very strong, but we were lucky to face all of them, we have what we have a lot of desire to start the tournament."

For closing, Esteban Valencia (San Marcos de Arica) said that after this draw, "it was a very strong group, but that team is ready for everything, we need to re-confirm the idea and continue to work."

This South American Championship U-20 "Iouth of America" ​​Chile 2019 delivers four places for the FIFA World Cup in Poland in 2019 and three for the Pan American Games in Lima in 2019. The La Roja Premiere in the competition will be held on July 17 in Rancagui against Bolivia. Venezuela and Colombia will also play that day.


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