Thursday , August 11 2022

Chilevision canceled the issuance of Pasapalabra by the participants of the Accused for Pedophilia Society


This Friday Chilevision announced that a new chapter will not be issued tonight Pasapalabra for editorial reasons.

This decision was made after serious public charges Gonzalo Hernandez, a participant who proved to be the winner of the episodes on Thursday, March 14th.

Hernandez was excluded from the post of attorney and political adviser at Minu de Puerto Montt in 2009, after being charged with his involvement in a disordered position A pedophile network that functioned through the websitewhich would hit nine minors.

Moreover, Twitter's young user explained that "boilover" worked at the time, in addition to criticizing the television signal because should not allow such a person in the family program.

"It does not apply, least in the middle of a sensitive situation through which we pass as a land as regards sexual abuse of minors, "he added.

CHV has announced in the meantime that in exchange for today's chapter, the episode will be broadcast on Monday, March 18, since Hernandez does not appear in it.

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