Friday , August 19 2022

Chilevision nullifies the issue of "Pasapalabre": The winner was prosecuted for pedophilia


Through a press release, Chilevision announced that he would not issue an appropriate chapter this Friday "Pasapalabra", because they met "Serious accusations" against one of his participants.

In a episode broadcast on Thursday, the winner was – in his debut – a lawyer Gonzalo Hernandez, so it should reappear this Friday on the screen.

However, the channel decided not to broadcast and upgrade the program that was scheduled for Monday 18th.

Channel "adopted (a measure) for prudence, after serious public charges against one of the participants", it is explained in the statement.

Hernandez was arrested in 2009 his participation in a network of pedophilia on the Internet called "Boi lover", which included minors with social risk.

According to what was then known, the lawyer, along with three other people, held meetings where he called the minors on limited funds.

All those involved were formalized for the storage of pornographic material and Hernandez confronted with allegations of sexual abuse.

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