Thursday , May 19 2022

Chris Brovn was released without charge after being reported for rape in Paris TV and shows


American singer R & B Chris Brovn He was released without charge on Tuesday night in Paris, where he was arrested for questioning after a woman charged him with rape at a luxury hotel in the capital of France.

The singer was arrested on Monday and could hold a hearing for a maximum of 48 hours, according to French law. He was also investigated for drug-related crimes, according to a source close to the investigation.

The alleged victim, a 25-year-old girl, says Brovn, one of the friends of the singer and his bodyguard, abused her at the luxury hotel Mandarin Oriental in Pariss, according to the agency AFP, told the same source that he was seeking anonymity.

Three men were released without charge Tuesday night, the prosecutor's office said in Paris, who said the investigations are continuing.

The applicant states that the event was which occurred in the night of January 15-16. The woman told investigators that she had spent an evening with Brovna and other women in a nightclub near Champs Elisees, Le Cristal, and later invited her to go to his hotel.

In response to the AFP, Raphael Chiche, the lawyer of the singers, claimed that his client "Energetic declares his innocence" and asked him to file an appeal for defamation.

Chris Brovn, Grammy winner, was in the French capital to attend Fashion Week's exhibitions.

Problems with the law

The 29-year-old American artist, discovered in 2005, is also known for his music and for his judicial problems.

In 2009, he was sentenced to five years of probation for the beating of singer Rihana, who was his girlfriend then. The images of the "Umbrella" interpreter with bruised bruises have passed around the world.

In 2014 he pleaded guilty to attacking fans in Washington, and in 2016 he was charged with attacking a woman in Las Vegas and another in Los Angeles.

In May 2018, Brovn was sued by a woman who claimed to be sexually abused at an art villa in Los Angeles by him and Brovn's rapper and friend, Lovell Grissoma (Ioung Lo).

All of these problems with the law hindered the image of Brown, who in just 19 years became one of the greatest stars of the American R & B thanks to a melodious voice capable of reaching the highest notes.

That's what it says Chris Brovn was discovered six years ago by a talent scout when he worked at his father's gas station.

At the age of 16, he released his first album of the same name, which sold in more than two million copies in the United States. His first single, "Run It!"

After his conviction for the Rihanna attack, he returned in 2011 with his F.A.M.E album, which became a hit.

According to Billboard, Chris Brovn has sold over 100 million records during his career. There are about 50 million followers on Instagram.

In 2017, a Billboard journalist revealed in the investigation that Chris Brovn was addicted to certain drugs and drugs, and was suffering from bipolarity.

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