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Compensate $ 74 million dead carabiner family with an order not to identify

The Supreme Court upheld the judgment by which the vault was sentenced to pay $ 74 million in compensation to parents and brothers who died in November 2014 in a police operation carried out in the Lleu Lleu sector, Canete municipality, in the Biobio region.

By a unanimous decision, the Third Chamber of the High Court – composed of Ministers Sergio Munoz, Maria Eugenia Sandoval, Arturo Prado, Angela Vivanco and attorney (s) Pedro Pierri – confirmed the decision of the Appellate Court of Concepcion, which established the lack of Carabineros service when ordering operations in a zone called "Mapuche conflict," without signals in cars, and without timely identification of the police before entering the building.

According to that decision, "the lack of service is the result of an inadequate police procedure that has been applied to emergencies involving people's lives within the areas that Carabineros de Chile considers a Mapuche conflict."

It also states that "police personnel, at night, with a burning house, with many smoke around them, in a rural area, in the dark, entered the building without identification as officers of Carabineros and without an officer. The patrol duty will order identification to its subordinates."

Because of the above, it is added in the resolution, people who were in the house did not know that those who entered were police officers, and not those who previously attacked the house, "since they are able to extract maximum experience in order not to shoot to the police staff if they identified them, it would be logical for them to feel protected and the sad act of the car would not have happened.

The decision emphasizes that "limiting the use of lanterns and sound devices, as well as identifying themselves as officers of Carabineros de Chile, makes sense, for example, when policemen travel in institutional vehicles – as it is obvious that in this context they are risking an ambush or victim but he does not have it, if he wants to enter private homes and help victims of crime, the situation that was predictable, which is the main criticism that can be given to the Administration and the basis of its defective work is a lack of service. "

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