Friday , June 2 2023

Comunero Mapuche dies in Operation Jungle Command in Ercilla | National


The young Mapuche died Wednesday after a shoot in the head, in the midst of a police operation deployed in the Ercilla community, in the La Araucania region.

Camilo Catrillanca, a member of the Mapuche Temucuicui community, who lost his life in Operation Jungle Command, a special Carabineros group created to face acts of violence in that area.

According to the police version, Catrillanca drove a tractor with a minor when he received the shooting that caused his death. According to the uniformed police, the shooting was carried out as a result of an operation to stop a group of men with hoods that attacked teachers when they left the local school.

A police officer has deployed a large procedure after a group of foreigners seized three cars belonging to Santa Rosa teachers Ankapi Nancucheo, around 4:00 pm.

"It is a contingent of a common crime that, unfortunately, ends with a deceased person. There is no ethnic situation, nor there is a special raction in this matter," said Carabineros, Hermes Soto.

"It is an unforeseen case of a common crime that, unfortunately, ends with a deceased person"

– Hermes Soto

Also, the highest police body has admitted that they can not "determine 100%" that Camilo Catrillanca participated in this criminal offense that launched the operation, but said that the young man had previously participated in similar incidents.

In that line, mayor La Araucania Luis Maiol said it was "a fact of common crime," stating that "they were affected by professors."

In that sense, he added that Catrillanca had a record and had previously been detained for receiving the vehicle.

The official version was rejected by the lawyer of the Mapuche community Karin Rikuelma, who claimed that Camilo Catrillanca "was not in conflict, came from work to the tractor while he found the Jungle command that shot him without any provocation".

"(Catrillanca) came from his work on the tractor when he met the Jungle command that shot him without any provocation"

– Karina Richelle

In the same line, the National Institute of Human Rights expressed regret over the death of young Mapuča and assigned a team to monitor the area of ​​the incident in which protests over his death occurred. He also said he believed "in a fundamental investigation that manages to clarify facts with zeal".

On the other hand, the opposition was politically accountable to the Government and, together with the request to stop the operation of the jungle command in that area, did not exclude the interrogation of Interior Minister Andrzej Chadwick, who would be summoned to the Human Rights Committee. People for these facts.

The scene of the incident is part of the La Araucania region, the center of the conflict of the Machuche community, an indigenous people living in the south of Argentina and Chile, claiming that it is the ancestor of countries that have crossed into private hands, mainly in forestry companies.

The attacks of podgorica, mostly in forest machines, claim extremist groups, hit the area and more than a dozen Mapuča were condemned by these attacks.

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