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confirmed two new cases and amounted to 34 in Epuien – 25 Digital

Hantavirus: confirmed two new cases and was 34 in Epuien

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia Chubut confirmed two new cases of hantavirus, so 34 infections in the province. For the outbreak of this disease in the city of Epuien There were 11 people killed.

New positive cases correspond to the mother and her daughter from El Maiten. On Thursday they entered Eskuel Hospital as suspicious cases and remain in a common isolation room after testing.

They were in the group in accordance with selective respiratory insulation, because the infection path was the father of the family, who was released 10 days after a positive response.

According to the hospital authorities, the biggest complication may be with the mother, so they estimate that they are being transferred to intensive care.

Hospital director Eskuel, Jorge Elias, said that despite two new cases that occurred in just one day, "in a clear drop in outbursts, without presenting situations outside those people who are isolated. "

In any case, he explained that "it shows us that in no way can we put down our hands and say that the outbreak has passed, even though we were a bit more calm than we were in the downside of the virus. We could not relax and that gives us guidance, "he said.

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