Friday , August 12 2022

Creators Fortnite steal Steam information on your PC


Epic Games, creators Fortnitethey make gold and want to be direct competitors Steam with his Epic Store. Although this other is far from having all the functionalities that Valve's shop has, they are trying to gain popularity based on wallets with exclusivity like Metro Ekodus. Now they're caught stealing information from Steam's user, and they confirm that they will fix this "failure".

Epic Games gets too much information from our computer

As it was discovered, Launchcher would Epic Games Creates an encrypted local copy of the local Steam file localconfig.vdf. This file is always created and sent to Epic only if the user chooses to introduce Steam friends into the Epic launcher. Among the sent data are your friend's IDs, all the games you bought, or the last time you played each of them. Epic says that, based on these data, they only use their hash friends to add them to the Epic account, and only when the user gave the explicit permission.

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However, the situation does not stop here, and it is also a driver designed to obtain other data, such as programs that are open in the system (although it is used when there is a downhill to know which programs cause conflicts, or know which games run so that they do not update when playing), see which root certificates are on your computer, try to access the DLLs of other directories (something commonly used in anti-keynote systems), etc. As far as network traffic is concerned, it seems that nothing is particularly serious, but the launcher has generated a lot of traffic.

This espionage began to be more intense by buying epic games by Tencent, a Chinese giant who has great ties to the Chinese government. Epic Games defended itself by saying it was a file tracking.js for what they create get statistics and a support program for developers using their engine. In addition, the data they collect hardware (CPU, GPU and others) has been established in its privacy policy. Interestingly, Steam at least asks if you want to be part of the hardware survey, but Epic Games gets it without question.

Epic Games will change its behavior, and Valve says the Steam file should not be available to third parties

Tim Sveenei, executive director and founder of Epic Games, took the wrong to localconfig.vdf file get and encrypt as soon as the launcher is installed, and confirms that this is remains of the first days of Fortney, when they had to hurry to add social functions. Therefore, it will soon be repaired so that the file is created only when the user wants to import a friend list. Regarding the Steam API, Sveeni says it is not being used because they are trying to minimize the number of third-party libraries they use to ensure maximum privacy and security.

Valve also responded to the case, and stated that the information is in localconfig.vdf file (which acts like some kind of cookie, but from Steam) it is not designed to be accessible to other third party software, far from being sent to their servers, so Epic Games will overcome.

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