Saturday , June 3 2023

Customs seized Chinese goods worth $ 3 million


Confiscation of illegal goods for more than $ 3 million they made the Customs Service in Puerto Montt, which is the biggest confiscation so far by this service, as highlighted regional director of this organization, Pablo Elvenberg.

"Includes various types of clothing, fabrics, lenses of all kinds and a multitude of items which came in 1,216 packages with total weight 67 tons, which will supply the informal market of Puerto Montt and Argentina"reports Pablo Elvenberg at the press site in the Okkean port, where they were discovered three ramps that transported 217 thousand confiscated products.

"This confiscation was coordinated between the customs services of Punta Arenas, Osorne and Puerto Montta, with the suspicion that the three ramps were loaded and not empty, as was indicated at the time of their loading on the Trinidad Uno ferry, "he said.

In addition, he pointed out "This procedure has been postponed several times of the day, Where it was possible that Carabineros, through the vehicle search and ordering service, determined the legitimacy of the ramp through the revision of their chassis and patent numbers. "

"No Owner"

The regional mayor, Harri JurgensenHe said that no detainees were registered in this procedure and said that "this is under investigation and Of course, there is no owner here, because there is no statement about the charges, but there are ramplets owners and there are investigations there. "

"Goods are all Chinese origin, and when all the investigation is over, If they are not the owners of the cargo, they will be auctioned to recover the tax loss"comments the regional authority.

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