Tuesday , May 18 2021

David Pizarro, last value of 2018

Up to the day, and the skilled midfielder will play his last match at home, on a date that can be the key.

David Pizarro he returned to Chile a lot of controversy. His dream was always retired Santiago Vanderers, a club that gave birth to him and went out to explore new directions. In addition, it is the city that saw the birth, its sweet port. However, not all dreams can be filled, and his exit from the caturroas is on the verge of being unable to greet the courts. 2016 for forgetting that the fantasy did not have magic.

But in 2017, he prepared something better for a man who is different in playing with a ball on his feet, after signing University of Chile and everything else is left. The destiny of destiny, it passed through the negative and put it on the sand center for success. She knows something and has experience.

The former Chilean has chosen tears and went to win the tournament in Chile, who always knew he had a revans.

The year in which he returned to cheer the champion, in his homeland and dressed in blue. 2017 was the year in which David Pizarro was He was part of the national championship, giving him the joy and strength to continue for another year in professionalism.

And in 2018, he also made good results, as he fought for the title for the local tournament, where "U" had a soccer renaissance with Frank Kudelko on the bench, adding to the irregularities of the Chilean competition, the mother of the academician with the illusion that the Catholic falls, and add 3 to get to the end of the championship with the first option to celebrate on the last day against Curico.

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The last chance to add medals, as a decision is made, and the fantasy will wear boots in December, where he will no longer be professional.

"It's a decision for consciousness, a situation I never expected, but I must be aware that my wrists will thank … I'm leaving the football, it's a pleasure," said the player at Fok Sport.

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