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Deadpool's creator asks Hugh Jackman to move from Wolverine


Given the recent refusal of Hugh Jackman to return as Volverine, the Deadpool creator makes a careful invitation / explanation to the actor.

Did they find out? Hugh Jackman he kindly refused (and by multiplying) the possibility of return Volverine in more than anything, besides Deadpool. It even jokes that "Rian Reinolds He tried every possible way, "but he will not.

Well, this time it's not Reynolds who faces a favor crossover between Volverine and the bocon of mercenaries on the big screen, but the co-creator of Deadpool in Marvel Comics, Rob Liefeld!

That's what Liefeld said from his account Instagram:

"Dear Hugh Jackman: I'm just checking to make sure of your recent comment that, fans absolutely want the deepest level of affection and excitement, that we all can see that you return as Volverine to Ryan as Deadpool. For years and spoke as someone who falsified some memorable moments between Logan and Wade, I can guarantee and confirm the reaction in the audience, as I have never experienced before! Volverine is my favorite character in the history of comics, inspired every aspect of creating Deadpool! Please take note r the option again to remove the claws, the glorious adventure! "

"Father Deadpool" even offered Jackman to adjust Volverine # 154-155, one of the most impressive ports in which both characters crossed the tracks in Marvel's comic book.

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Do you think Jackman was considering him again?

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