Tuesday , January 31 2023

Despite the terrible 2018, bitkoin has a positive score


The brightness of hope is highlighted at the midpoint of the crisis that affects the crypto currency market. Despite the fact that bitkoin will start the worst year since its launch, the balance in the performance of the digital currency in 2018 is surprising with a positive rating.

The good news for the largest crypto currency market brings the analysis of the battle of battle from 2011 to the present. In particular, an expert of the American investment fund, AKR Capital Management, Aaron Brovn, says that this is a bad year moving the closing of the digital currency is actually positive.

Bitcoin has accumulated a fall of 82% since its last peak since its peak of $ 20,000 in December last year. Currently, the digital currency is estimated at $ 4,000.

"The market value of all cryptoactive assets has fallen to about $ 100 billion from $ 800 billion at the beginning of the year, which looks bad, but if you look at the market base, 2018 will get a B + rating," Brown said.

In a column of opinions published by Bloomberg, Brovn shows a chart showing the price of battles in 2017 and 2018 in blue, and surpasses prices in 2011 and 2013 in yellow and red. Everything has grown at the same maximum price and at the same time.

In this way, the expert concludes that the increase in the bit price in 2017 was lower, but more constant than in previous increases. In addition, Brown details that in 2011 the electronic currency will reach within a year. While in 2013, bitkoin did not show big changes, and it took four years to reach a new high.

"I personally am convinced that cryptochans as a technical solution remain here and that the economic sector that develops and supports it succeeds," Brovn concluded.

Good figures in 2018

Brown continued to support his analysis with positive figures in 2018. This year, the number of certified individual users has doubled, from 17 to 35 million, "almost exactly compared to the number of Internet users in 1995 and 1996," the slogan Brovn in a column on Bloomberg.

"Cryptography people have grown even faster, or 2.6 times .The most prominent crypto projects work close to or sooner than planned." While some failures have resulted in a stable market (stable crypto price), decentralized exchanges and networks the second level has exceeded expectations, "Braun adds.

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