Friday , January 27 2023

DkOMark allocates 98 points for the OnePlus 6T


We've already received the results of the tests it has performed DkOMark to the main camera smartphone we know OnePlus 6T.

This camera features two main sensors, one of 16 megapixels with aperture f / 1.7 with optical stabilization, while the second sensor reaches 20 MP resolution with aperture f / 1.7. Both are followed by a double LED flash.

In the photographic part, DkOMark awarded 101 points on the dual main camera OnePlus 6T emphasizing the wide dynamic range it offers, as well as good color and detail maintenance very well preserved. It also adds that autofocus works well and quickly, and the skin tone looks natural when using the LED flash.

Details that experts did not like are noise problems when the camera is being used in low light conditions, in addition to criticizing the lack of optical zoom.

In the video section OnePlus 6T has taken 91 points where they emphasized that the quality is somewhat better than the OnePlus one. They detail that when shooting in Full HD at 30fps, the videos get very good results when they have very good lighting, offering a wide dynamic range, a good balance of white, vibrant colors and good definitions.

They also stand out how well image stabilization works thanks to the use of the optical stabilizer it contains, and how fast and precisely it works automatically when shooting a video.

On the negative side, DkOMark mentions that our protagonist also has noise problems in poor lighting environments, especially indoors.

With information from DkOMark

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