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Do not take "gas" from your body


It affects an extended post on daily activities

MEKSICO CITI (Notimek) .- It's a fit for the body, just like leaving a car without gas. Our brain is the center of command, and the development of your work requires fuel because it works with glucose (blood sugar), which is obtained first of all from the first food during the day.

Cutting the eating for more than six hours when it is awake can be considered quickly, and this can happen at any time of the day, although it is more identified with the failure of breakfast.

In order to perform any function or action of our body, we need energy, so we voluntarily refrain from eating food or a party to get to work or school, to lose weight, religious issues or any other reason, preventing it from getting.

Women and men may have gastritis, dizziness, fatigue, lack of concentration, overweight and even diabetes because they are constantly attained.

When you skip breakfast, the body begins to consume glucose that the brain needs and if this practice is constant, irreversible damage to the neuron can occur.

The first thing that happens is that it reduces the ability to concentrate and remember, both in children and adults. "There are difficulties in cognitive processes in children, such as learning, memorizing some problems, then we have children who can go to school without breakfast and have problems at school," said a nutritionist at Juarez de Mekico Hospital, Salvador Ortiz Gutierrez.

With older people, there may be difficulty in performing very specific operations, for example driving a car, which shows a significant influence of no breakfast and lack of glucose that the brain requires to function properly, he added.

Lack of appetite (especially morning) and the desire to lose weight are the most common reasons why some people skip breakfast or any of the other strong meals, putting their health at risk.

Another risk is the occurrence of gastritis, because, when they do not receive food, gastric acid constantly irritates the stomach.

Weight gain, he explains, is mainly due to a lack of control of satiety, because the hungry organism consumes everything that it can when eating after an extended swab.

"What hurts is eating too much after this post, loss of satiety control, because instead of eating, you know the amount and type of appropriate nutrients; just eat to remove your appetite without taking responsibility for the amount of sugar, fats and calories that are being imported," said is Salvador Zubiran, a specialist in the National Institute of Medical Science and Nutrition.

In the meantime, Simon Barkuera, director of the Research Center for Nutrition and Health of the National Institute of Public Health (INSP), said that what was in the past a change in lifestyle.

"There are certain behaviors in the population that do not help in a healthy lifestyle, one of them is a seat and a little time to eat, and when there's little time to eat, they choose something quick and high in calories and it's not good for your health, he said.

Specialists emphasized the need for a regular schedule for food intake, but above all to choose natural foods and avoid super-processed and packaged products because they contain large amounts of sugar and sodium that can lead to diabetes and high blood pressure, as well as excessive weight

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