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"Drones for the transport of people and organs will be a revolution in the next two years," Sergio Sicheri | Technology and science

With the increase in mobile content consumption and visual rules transmitted by Facebook (vertical video and subtitles) – inherited from Vice or Plaiground, among other digital platforms, video formats are developing. Apart from the important use of shots with drones, it would in some way serve on those commissions that I did in my pinyin as the video reporter of this publishing house in 2007. As the advancement of time and technology establishes certain guidelines for the best use of digital video footage, the same is happening with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles such as dron. Its use is regulated only after proliferation.

In Europe they have sold (in recent years) about a million and a half drones for civilian use. As the Spanish journalist El Correo claims, there are two basic uses that occur in society. "On the one hand, there are those who use it recyclically, separately (also called RPAS). On the other hand, professional use, ranging from video footage to weddings other than the usual, search for archaeological remains and even the realization of aerial photography in order to draw maps ", shows the place of the aforementioned Bilbao newspaper.

There have been legislative initiatives in our country that aim to regulate the use of unmanned aircraft, but which are not widespread in the same way as the proliferation of these non-pilot aircraft. Very different from what was happening on the old continent, where a civil sector development plan was presented in March this year drones in Spain and where European Union countries are trying to establish a common standard. The plan also considers that, after 2030, RPAS can serve as an air taxi or distribute packages at altitudes of less than 120 meters. Something for which companies such as Amazon, UPS and Uber are already preparing.

* Uber Air is an airport taxi service for 2020 proposed by a well-known transport company.

The State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) in Spain states that the rules to be taken into account when using trunks are: always watching them and not exceeding a height of 120 meters; flying during the day, in favorable weather conditions and in suitable areas; be over the age of 18 or have adult control; does not broadcast images of people or private spaces without permission, among other things.

Although we do not have all the rules like in Spain, Peru is not a foreigner fever drones. This new visual technology is also used in our country to reduce pollution, and to prevent forestry. Seven years ago, I have the opportunity to visit Mano National Park. On this path I made with my brother and friend, in addition to being stunned by biodiversity in our country, we learned about the crude reality of illegal mining. You could not access some parts of the park because they were surrounded by this unauthorized activity. Today, thanks to the support of the drone flyover, we were working on planting forests in those places where there were mines.

There are different brands and types of unmanned civilian aircraft. Recently, one of the best, DJI, based in Shenzhen – cities that are considered the "Silicon Valley of China" – which has a series of Phantom and Mavic; The second was launched by DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise, a wireless network with search and rescue capabilities that was targeted at different companies and governments. There is another mark drones, Lily, who with a revolutionary promise went to the market that her teams had the ability to fly independently and can follow their user. What would be great for lovers of adventure sports. Although there are web sites that describe his first version as a fiasco, apparently Lili's camera makers do not give up and claim to have improved their dron in the latest generation that went for sale.

There are many brands that appear on the market. But the important thing is the use that you want to provide or give to each of these drones. Companies like Amazon are planning to use this technology to transport their packages. There are brands that want to specialize drones for the execution of works and others such as DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise for monitoring borders and even providing emergency services. But the biggest use, it seems, will always be fun. As visual support for travel, musical performance or visual support of a sports event, high abilities.

What has to be mapped is the abuse of this new technology that can lead to possible theft cases, such as the one we witnessed several days ago in various media reporting a group of tourists who were stunned to see how drone I stole the bike. Or a sad story behind the video that became viral in the networks of that young lover's pet trying to get to his mother in a steep snow region. The truth was that this bear family was intimidating a dron who wanted to capture them in the pictures. And even the helpless reaction of the farmer who realized that he was recording it without any consent.

But we should not give more space to the negative side. A few days ago I received a surgical intervention. Acute appendicitis which in bed after surgery in an emergency prevents the formation of peritonitis. From that day on I mean only thousands of patients who are working daily and need organ transplants. In many cases, you have to make a forced transfer that could drive the drones. Do not forget that flying in autonomous taxonomy is approaching.

* Examination of the air taxes of the Chinese company Ehang who thinks it is flying over 120 meters high.

Sergio Sicheri is the manager of the El Comercio Group, the general manager of Brand Vash & Solutions (image brand image and digital solutions). She holds a master's degree in management and commercial management from the EOI of Spain and the UPC graduation school. He taught digital marketing courses at Universidad Maior de Chile, Universidad Cientifica del Sur and ISIL.

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