Sunday , January 29 2023

"El Chino" Rios asks Cristian Sanchez "How can I be friends with the ex-husband of your mistress?"


Friendship between Cristian Sanchez and former wife Diana Bolocco, businessman Gonzalo Cisternas, continues to create reactions and even surprises in some.

In the meantime, Marcelo Rios entered the debate. After being interviewed by morning TVN ahead of the game, he will play this Friday at Gran Arena Monticello, where he will return to court in seven years.

On this occasion, "El Chino" did not hesitate to stop Sanchez for this situation. "I did not see you long, I saw you on the front page … Do I have friends or have friends? But how am I, your husband's ex-husband's wife? What kind of wave is this? Besides, we're friends, we're going to eat. "I put" Cris "there, tuft in hand. He missed a kiss," Rios told him.

Laughing, Cristian Sanchez, answered the question: "And did you never have it?" Before the consultation, "El Chino" was clear: "Tai veon. How can I be friends with my wife's wife?" Said a former tennis player.

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