Thursday , August 11 2022

FIFA approves Qatar World Cup 2022 with 48 selections, and South America would have six and a quota


The The FIFA Council approved on Friday to hold the Qatar World Cup 2022 with 48 teams, with the addition of at least one other country in the Persian Gulf to tournament matches.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino is eager to increase the tournament from 32 to 48 selections, a study of a feasibility study has shown that it requires at least one additional country out of five identified.

FIFA will have to work with Katar to present proposals for next meetings of the Council and the Congress, to be held in Paris next June, but the only proposal on this topic implies that the next World Cup will have more countries.

Before that, he already gave the green light to the World Cup of 48 teams in 2026, when the appointment would have in the United States, Canada and Mexico as a common host.

FIFA's Sustainability Stadium states that Qatar should not be forced to share matches with Bahrain, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, unless those countries re-establish diplomatic relations and open air spaces with Doha.

In view of his neutrality in the situation, Kuwait and Oman are listed as the best alternatives for match-fixing in 2022, but the infrastructure of his stadium was given a brief description in the FIFA report.

When it is officially approved that the World Cup will be with 48 countries, South America could increase its odds to six and a half, as opposed to the current four direct and one reps, which increases Chile's opportunities.

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