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Find a missing link 22 million years ago

It seems that one of our ancestors was discovered and we needed only 22 million years to find it. All thanks to science.

Science manages to find another link in human evolution with 22 million years. This was possible thanks to a team of archaeologists in charge of this study in Kenya.

Ancestral science

A team from Kenya and the United States managed to find the remains of the species of monkeys. This species has died out 22 million years ago in the northwestern territory of Kenya.

This new monkey reveals in an important way what happened during the later evolution of the group.

John Kappelman said, Professor of Anthropology and Geology at the University of Texas.

Vegan nutrition 22 million years ago

It has been cataloged as a whole new kind thanks to the distinctive shape of the teeth. This strange bite that these ancestors had had was the one that distinguished them from other animals. At the beginning, They thought that the teeth had found a part of a pig and not a monkey.

Ancestral science

In addition, it has been announced that the diet is "Alophia metios" which seems to be based simply on hard fruits. Among the things they ate, we can see hard fruits, seeds and nuts. It is also believed that at that time they added leaves to their diet, It was when they began to develop teeth in primates. An evolution that will end up with people like us today.

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