Sunday , January 29 2023

Forecasts 2019: They predict that a new son will appear in the life of Alvar Salas


This year, Alvaro Salas faced two controversies for paternity. He was subjected to DNA tests and his children even appeared at the exhibitions of celebrities, asking him to finally take responsibility.

The comedian has found a job on television, and good 2019 is formed, at least at work, because in the letters he would ensure that in his life a new son or daughter appears.

This was commented on in "Primer Plano" on Friday night, where Tarotists Vanessa Daroch and Latife Soto gave predictions of various characters of Chilean television.

"I think we will have a new story," said Daroch of Alvaro Salas, after receiving a letter from a pregnant woman.

"The bondage to the past, with the patience of this pregnant woman, tells me that we will have news about another daughter or son, but it is not a baby, it's not pregnancy, but it's big and it's like in the south," she added. tarotista.


Work and reaction to the public

As for the deal, and consulted by Juan Pablo Kueralto, Daroch said that "the new project will cost a lot," and that the new son will come at a time when he will see that he is doing everything wrong and that he has to fix all this. "

"At one point (Alvaro Salas) will stop and I see him as a repentant," he said.

"A little rejection of people, the loss of credibility and the leaving of a letter of memory, the payment of all karmic debts, everything that happens in his personal life is that he froze in memories," added Latife.

We recall that Alvaro Salas is part of the jury, along with Francis Merin and Edward Rawani, TVN's new program of competition and humor, "La Huincha", which will soon be premiered.

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