Wednesday , May 25 2022

Former girlfriend Sale after Sale: "Explore a football mafia" | Soccer


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Berenice Schkair

Ex girlfriend Emiliano Sala triggered harsh accusations after the disappearance in Channel, a plane that drove forward from Nantes to Cardiff, in the United Kingdom.

Berenice Schkair yesterday posted strong messages through its Twitter account and Instagram, arguing that he was bitter about stopping airplane search.

The woman, who went to Salom for several months, has accused the "football mafia" that she is responsible for this terrible accident.

"Explore a soccer mafia, because I do not believe in this misfortune," he said.

Berenice Schkair
Berenice Schkair

He repeated the same message several times, and even Arroba Sala in his publications. However, on Tuesday night he deleted the texts.

On Instagram, the message was more intense. There he attached photographs and video clips of the trip that they made together in Europe. Passing hours, he also deleted publications.

"I want to wake up and that this is all a lie. # Emilianosala Please investigate why I do not believe in this misfortune nor to stop the search for bad weather when they barely find objects floating. I need to read that you showed up. I can not believe they are stopping the search until tomorrow they waste time and do not investigate. I feel helplessness is the nightmare, "says the first post.

"I can not stop thinking about you, Emma, ​​do dreams have an expiration date, your life can change in a second, we are dust, we are transient in this universe, where there are many injustices, and therefore what I'm sorry, he did not tell you that you made me feel like I felt long ago and that I want to face you again. I did not express myself, and that's something I think I'm going to learn from now. Those who know me know the light in my eyes when I'm talking about you. Everything is changing today in the morning and I'm still not falling, what's going on? Because it's like this in a fascinating man full of good-natured work projects and devoted to his work, this is what happens to these constraints Why are dreams not realized Why I have a broken heart I still do not understand It appears with force As always I am scarce, I feel pain, fear, rage and I'm helpless I can not do anything. Power as always Emi I know that. You are strong. We are waiting for you @ emilianosala9, closed.

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