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Generalized shading in Santiago: L1 evacuated metro and 250 extinguished traffic lights | National


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On Wednesday afternoon, two sudden disappearances were recorded in various sectors of the Metropolitan region. These are two power cuts affecting the capital city, one of which has survived in some municipalities.

According to preliminary information, these interruptions would affect the municipalities of Santiago, San Miguel, Independencia, Kuinta Normal, Kuilicura, Vitacura, Providencia, Conchali, Las Condes, Huechuraba, Recoleta, Maipu, Central Station, Cerro Navia, among others of 147 thousand affected customers.

In addition, 250 traffic lights off this situation in the various districts of the Metropolitan region. According to information from the Metropolitan Intent, critical points would be at La Paz Avenue in Independencia, Plaza Italia, Recoleta with Santa Maria, for what Carabineros supports in transit work.

The Metro de Santiago power supply product reported that its line 1 service only works between Los Dominicos and Escuela Militar, and from Bakuedan to San Pablo.

After the problems with Metro de Santiago from Transantiaga, they reported to strengthen their service with 30 buses from the Central Station to the Military School.

Additionally, 10 buses for reinforcing Transantiago from Escuela Militar to Bakuedan were added.

According to Enel, all its users would already recover electricity supply in the Metropolitan region. However, several radio auditors of La Radio reported that the light had not yet returned. In the meantime, Electricity and Fuel Supervision has launched an investigation to determine the responsibilities of the involved companies.

Possible origins

Karla Rubilar, according to the information given by the mayor of the Metropolitan Region, that would be two different mistakes.

"Enel reports that it will be on line 110 El Salto Almendra, and the second is the Cerro Navia substation that would affect two 110KV bars," Rubilar said.

In addition, according to La Radio sources, Transelec's transformer – in the municipality of Cerro Navia – would present a technical failure.

This transformation delivers energy directly to Enel, so it could be the source of this power outage that has affected different people in the metropolitan region.





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