Friday , January 27 2023

Google's new role is called Chrome Canvas


Drawings quickly and in the cloud.

Google is one of those companies trying to cover more and more niches. Although you already have many alternatives to drawing, Chrome Canvas wants this easy, fast and in the cloud.

First of all, the application is still under development, which has the basics to make drawings and does not complicate life. However, there are still functions that will be implemented, which will certainly be included in the future.

To access, you must go to and you can run a simple application. You will find this message:

"Express yourself with natural brushes and carefully chosen colors. Automatically synchronizing with your Google Account will help you not to lose any masterpieces."

This applies to drawings that are automatically stored on your Google Account. You can also export them as a PNG file when you are finished or you see and edit it from your phone.

An important fact is that it is available in any browsers that support WebAssembli; This includes Firefok.

On other issues, a few days ago Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave an interview to Washington Post, addressing concerns about possible malicious applications of artificial intelligence. Pichai said that they are "very legitimate" and to refer to the ethical aspects of the development of the AU. See the note here.

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