Thursday , September 29 2022

High dollar effect: there has been an increase in tourist arrivals and Argentina's return to overseas


The The arrival of foreign tourists increased by 11.8% in September, on an annual basis, while travel of tourists in the country abroad fell by 10.8% the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) reported.

In total, There were 225.3 thousand arrivals of non-resident tourists in Argentina and 328.4 thousand tourists who left the population.

In accumulated from January to September, realized 1,952.9 thousand arrivals of non-resident tourists and recorded a growth of 6.2%. Within this framework, Ezeiza and Aeroparku concentrated 89.5% of non-resident tourists' arrivals during the nine months of this year, with an annual growth of 2.9%.

In the same period, The results were 3.596.9 thousand resident tourists and they recorded a year-on-year growth of 4.4%. Ezeiza and Aeroparku airports accounted for 80.2% of departures of tourists who stayed in the analyzed period, with an increase of 0.8% compared to the same period of the previous year.

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