Friday , August 19 2022

Historically, from the valid U Kudelka's "institutional fear" in front of Colo Colo, he sends: "It is necessary to give full craftsmanship and change everything"


The words of the former coach University of Chile, Frank Dario KudelkaAfter leaving the club, he left a lot of cutting cloths, especially because of the sincerity expressed by the Argentine to address the problems that a blue box has been facing in recent years. And the one who is authorized to speak about U is historical Hector Hoffens, which was confirmed by the statements of trasandin technicians.

In relation to Kudelka's sayings, criticizing bad decisions as a club and the "institutional fear" that U has when measured with Colo Colo, Hoffens was clear and sentenced to that "He tells the truth, there are many things that have been wronged for a long time to say it, we are going back to zero, again a new technician, it's painful what's going on with U".

"There is not everything, not only is he missing something, he has nothing today, he has bought 11 or 12 players and it's very difficult for me to build a team with that amount, which should instead be high quality." Four or five players were enough for weak areas, I also do not know who advises the board, but Sabino Aguad made a mistake ", t at the top of the conversation The Chill Chart.

On constant changes of technicians in U, this was shown by ek pointer "Everything is bad, what Kudelka says is true, he was not my taste, but despite everything he was always honest and truthful, U did nothing and was not planned or organized for advisers. To make a complete turn and change everything , in order to form a good technical body based on the performance of young players, this is the right way.

Finally, on the arrival of Alfred Arya, Hoffen said yesArias waited like all the technicians, but he was signed before Kudelka resigned, it has been organized for a long time, but I do not know him, I do not know how he works, it's something new just to wait for something to happen.

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