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This one December 24th around the world will be celebrated on Christmas Evewith a family dinner or with friends in the chandelier of Christmas.

In at this time of the year – in the new year – it is almost imperative to send a greeting card, something that many will now do for VhatsApp.

The idea of ​​it send the same contact with the contact to contact or chat in the chat, it may seem like annoyance and yes, you can use it A redirect service, but this is limited to only five contacts.

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Some may already know this, but There is a function that takes years in VhatsApp and makes life much easier: "Broadcast list".

With this function is possible send a mass message to many contacts at the same time, and the best thing is that each created "broadcasting list" can be saved and reused (in New Year, thank you birthday messages, etc.).

Attention, because only contacts that have your number saved in the phone book will receive your messages diffusion.

How to create a diffusion list

To create a "broadcast list", follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open VhatsApp. Go to the Chat screen, press the Menu button and then select New broadcast.

Step 2: Write the names of your contacts or press the "+" button to select from your contact list. Press OK

Step 3: Click Create. This process will create a new list of recipients for broadcasting.

When you send a message to the broadcasting list, it will be sent to all contacts in the list and recipients will receive the message as if it were a single message.

When reply to a message, it will also appear as a single message on your chat screen and your answers will not be sent to other recipients on the list.


Press The "Menu" button and then "List of broadcasts". On this information screen, you can do the following:

– Click the edit icon to change the name from the broadcast list.

– Press the Add recipient button.

– Press and hold the recipient's name to select "Delete" (recipient) of the broadcasting list.

How to remove a distribution list

Press and hold the broadcast list you want to delete. Touch Remove broadcast list and confirm action by pressing "Delete".

The "Broadcast list" is a system for sending individual messages to multiple recipients. If you want recipients to exchange messages, create a group conversation.

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