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How to disable your VhatsApp account if someone steals your mobile phone


VhatsApp allows you to deactivate your account in the event of a stolen mobile phone or lose it

Regeneration, December 21, 2018.- Lose your cell phone: one of the worst people in the nights has a love of their smartphone. The worst? Let the thief steal your phone.

Not only do smartphones have important information such as our contacts or addresses, but also our agenda, social networks, banking information, etc.

That is, our whole life is in these gadgets. Because of this, many can panic if their phone disappears or some of them is taken away.

If this happens, the first step will be blocked with iCloud or Google, depending on your operating system.

But in spite of this, you will still be able to access your accounts and apps if they have not had an activated security method. For example, a unlock pattern, a fingerprint, a nip or code.

So, what are you doing to close your VhatsApp account and no one can use or spy on it?

The company is aware that these types of incidents are fairly common; so it offers a solution for this. The problem is that you can not "deactivate" the account yourself: you need to send an e-mail to VhatsApp.

  • It's pretty simple. The first step is to call the telephone company and report your phone number and chip
  • Then, all you have to do is write to the e-mail "[email¬†protected]"With the topic" Stolen / lost phone: Please deactivate my account. "As it is
  • You need to add your phone number in the mail – the same number associated with your account – in the international format
  • That is, with all the country code that begins with the + sign. Here you can find out your own
  • Immediately, VhatsApp will continue to deactivate your account temporarily
  • To reactivate it, you will need to restore your phone number to a new SIM card and enter VhatsApp
  • The application will send you a text message to activate your account, as well as the first time you've used it
  • If you do not activate it in less than 30 days, it will be completely eliminated

Although deactivated; your contacts will be able to continue sending messages that you will see as soon as you reactivate them.

If you want to know more, visit: regeneration

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