Thursday , September 19 2019
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Huawei runs out Android for "commercial war"

Google suspended business with Huawei after the The US government banned the sale of Chinese equipment in the United States.

With this, as delivered 20 Minutes, the company Huavei will lose the current access to Android operating system updates, next to mobile equipment nor will they be able to count on popular Google Play apps i Gmail after launch the next version of the operating system, Android K.

It should be noted that the only thing Huawei still has access to This is an Android-based source code based on a free software license.

This Google decision was made after Donald Trump prohibit the sale of Huawei equipment in the United States, within commercial war and against "espionage" who holds the US with China.

If the total block is confirmed, Huawei phones should come with an operating system installed from China, which will mean obviousstep in terms of speed and interface to which the user of the West has become accustomed

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