Tuesday , January 31 2023

Hugo Jackman and Jake Gillenhall's Difficult and Christmas Joke to Ryan Reinolds Society


Rian Reinolds He strives to upset his friends and wife, Blake Liveli, but this time he was at the top to be the victim of a fun Christmas joke.

The actor was invited by his friends and colleagues Hugh Jackman i Jake Gillenhall to celebrate the party of Christmas vest – a typical American custom – where the most important thing is what is scary, better.

Reinolds attended a meeting with his friends who wore an ugly gown with a large tape, but that was not all, because when he arrived, he realized that He was the only one wearing a sweater with a Christmas motif, realizing that everything was part of a funny and heavy joke.

Translator Deadpool He wrote alongside a photo on Instagram: "These damn people told me it was a party party," posing humiliated face while Jackman and Gillenhall laugh loudly.

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