Friday , January 27 2023

"I will not bear the fact that a political leader despises our original language": the sharp answer of Pancho Saavedra to Cast


"Imbecil". So Pancho Saavedra called Jose Antonio Kast after Emilie Nuiado laughing in Mapudungun in the interpellation of Interior Minister Andres Chadvick for the death of Camila Catrillanca.

The leader of the Republican action was held last week in the program "Mesa Central" channel 13 "If I am again a deputy, the next interpellation I will do is in German."

La Tercera responded to this statement on his Twitter account and Saavedra said that the former UDI was "imbecile".

However, the animator gave arguments for his reaction and stated that "nor ask for an explanation for the answer to this by Jose Antonio Kast or you think that it is not forcible to read the political leader to laugh and make fun of the language of our ancestors. Do not ask me to respect someone who does not respect this country and its origin"He said.

After that, Kast gave his opinion and called the animator to be more responsible with his words. "Public actors, politicians or pranksters, we have to behave responsibly, Pancho Saavedra has every right to be a leftist, think differently and criticize me, but insults are absolutely unacceptable.

In view of this, the animator remained silent and responded to a former MP who he said did not respect the misconception of Mapudungun.

"If I'm left, center or right, that's just my problem, what I'm not going to solve is that the political leader will laugh at our mother tongue, so I will not give him more space to hate him and save myself, for this time, the answer ", he said.

The round was continued because the former presidential candidate told him: "It's easy to offend, then hide and not face. You attacked my space and I will always defend myself."

To close the discussion, Saavedra told Kast to "When I see it, I say it in my face, I have no problems. Pevkaial (I'll see you soon)

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