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"I'd like to be a man and I hit a combination with Carlos Larra"

Invited to participate in the program Divine Food CHV next to dancers Claudia Mirandajournalist German Schiessler and former free music, "Scar" Lolo "Pena, former National Renewal (RN) senator, Lily Perez, gave some details about the machismo that lived inside the political party where she played between 1993 and 2004.

In conversation with other guests, Perez acknowledged that during his stay in politics he lived unfavorable episodes and pointed to then-president RN, Karl Larraine. "I would love Congress to be a man and I hit the combination … Carlos LarraineHe said.

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His controversial statement was followed by an anecdote with the former senator of the republic. "It was a terrible sword, he told me well. I remember once putting a poster on my office's door saying: "Machismo kills". He arrived the next day and was not there, and I'm asking my secretary: "Hey, what about my poster?" "No, Don Carlos came and he took it out," he added.

As for his departure from the center of the right center, he said that "There were many differences in opinion and did not have empathy for women's struggle for their rights, nor in anti-discrimination laws".

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