Sunday , January 29 2023

"Its function is to train … Not commenting on the political unforeseen situation"


The commander, in his style, called for a higher position for the people in Mapucu, a situation that irritated UDI senators.

Mario Salas was introduced as a new Colo Colo technician. The excited commander had his first press conference and in his style did not escape any questions, he even had words about the Catrillance case and the Mapucu conflict.

"I feel that people in Mapuche logically deserve a status different from those in our society, what should start with an education theme for all Chileans, and that's what the Peruvian people are doing all the time and this should be the same" Salas commented.

DT went further and does not exclude the possibility of using Mapuc's rituals in their interviews and trainings.

Salas' statements provided direct support to the people of Colocolino. However, Senator Ivan Moreira broke out after the statement of the commander.

"His role in Colo Colo is to train the team and get him out of the bad moment he is in. Not commenting on the political unforeseen situation, said the UDI senator.

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