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Learn! They found out who would be the Batman movie titans (+ details)


Фото: Твиттер

(Caracas, Dec. 20, EuropaPress) .- Titan's latest trailer was presented
Batman, but the piston offered a brief glance in which the superhero's appearance is not appreciated. Now you know who will give life to a person, which will be interpreted by two actors.

Alan Moussy and action specialist Makim Savaria will give life to the fracture of the layer, so it is expected that the star of the character of the exciting scene in the last episode of the first season.

So far, Titans has included Batman in a subtle way, he never showed his face, so everything points to a close close superhero.

At the end of the first season, Dick Grayson must return to the city of Gotam to stop Batman, who entered the spiral of violence and kills all his enemies, including Joker. A massacre that his former assistant must stop.

According to the official synopsis, "lTrigon's forces send Dick to the shooting scene that begins with him living a happy home life, but soon he takes him to a gloomy journey back to Gotham. "

Unlike other TV series based on DC comics, Titans increased connections with other major letters on the label. Fiction was mentioned by Vonder Voman, Superman and Justice League, and will finally take Batman to a small screen.

Final episode of the first season TItans will premiere DC Universe next Friday, December 21st.

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