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Lily Perez: Pinera "is a man who hardly understands the feminist cause"

Former senator and current Amplitude activist Lily Perez criticized the government and its relationship with the feminist movement.

In a comprehensive interview with La Tercera, a former militant of National Renewal commented that "it is very difficult to be a feminist on the right, you will find a patriarchal world in the domes, where they command the same as 20 years ago, there is little renewal of the leaders and young people do not get the word . "

Perez recalled some episodes that were difficult because of the fact that he was a woman. "I was always alone. When I was a counselor in 1995, they wanted to transfer me to the Supreme Court of the RN to sign the document of the International Women's Conference in Beijing in favor of the divorce law in Chile in favor of distributing the contraceptive method"

"There is a group of stories in which the right has been seized or against: the project of sonship, the divorce law, emergency pills. When I was in the RN, I recall that I fought for abused women and that I faced many who were said that it does not matter, that these are family problems, and not the state. I will never forget that, that was the reason I left, "he added.

Asked about the words of UDI President Jackell van Risselberg, who said she was a feminist, Perez said that "she does not clearly understand what feminism is." Feminism has no political banner. It is wrong to imagine feminism in terms of a political bloc, and the President of UDI and ultra-left people do it. "

"Secondly, it does not matter what is said, but their paths and voices, the UDI president has always voted against all the initiatives of women." For me, a feminine woman is a woman who, besides her political party, is able to raise her voice against any injustice and discrimination against women, "she explained.

"Although I admit that the government is trying to promote the agenda, I do not think it is enough for reproductive rights. Why? Because there are still municipalities that do not deliver pills for emergency contraception and where is the Ministry of Health? "He was thinking.

On the executive power agenda, Perez said he was "contradictory to a government that is trying to launch a feminist program." The government is caught, there is no way to advance in the feminist agenda, which in my opinion must be revised, because it does not satisfy it, it is insufficient. "

"The other day, the government recognizes a transsexual athlete and they make a scandal, and the scandal is not understood." Unfortunately, our ruling class of rights in Chile is anchored in US Republicans, they are not anchored in European law, which is modern, which does not question these issues, "he recalled.

Asked whether Pinera was a feminist, she answered openly: "No, it never was. The president is from a generation in which feminism was not a cause. He is a person who is aware of the value of women, who promoted women's contributions, but is not a feminist .

According to the former parliamentarian, the head of the state "is a man who is hard to sympathize with the feminist cause, it's hard to understand, and that's why the government made that mistake, not looking at that plan, and minimizing it by trying to politicize it by saying My daughter went to march and right It was a mistake of the government to invite them not to march, to take away, that women should not participate.

Finally, Perez accused him of being in public office because "it was the act of extreme machismo by those who prevented me from cooperating with the government." And eye, I never asked for anything, because I do not live in politics, but the president wanted to count on me and they said no, they put him in the condition, I know the meeting and who did it. And, therefore, what more is the act of machismo than that? "

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