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Lily Perez: The government has no way to improve the feminist program

Former senator Lili Perez He said that, while acknowledging the efforts of President Sebastian Piner and his ministries to favor women, "The government is caught, There is no way to improve the feminist program"

In an interview for Third, This was discussed by a former parliamentary speaker the proposal "to promote" executive power, because "She's short"In several points, especially in terms of gender violence and non-sexist education.

As for the latter, the former RN said it was "very important and I do not see it on the government's agenda." There are still rural areas in which parents have to decide who goes to school to send their son and the girl stays at home helping her mother. "

To violence against women, the former senator said "Every third is a victim of any kind of violence: sexually, physically and emotionally. And this points to non-sexist education. "

And Perez denied the possibility that President Pinera was a feminist, and thinks that this is because of their lack of empathy with this reason that "It's hard to understand"and tried" to minimize by attempting to politicize by saying "here the left march" ".

"He did not know how to interpret what was happening to the feminist movement. He did not know how to read student and university feminist demonstrations last year. All the signals the government has given is that it was against feminist mobilization, at least as far as what will happen on Friday (March 8th), it communicated it, "he stressed.

However, it distanced itself from criticism of the Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Isabel Pla, who refused to go to the march 8M, because in her opinion this movement represents a "politicized combat flag".

"Ministers in the government do not go alone. The president is the one who gives them the origins of what he will say, I could not blame it, "Perez said.

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