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Meet the actor who will be Batman in Titans


Meet the actor who will be Batman in Titans

20 DEC 2018 / Series

The last episode of the first season of the series will show poor versions of Knight of the Night.

This Friday Titanium He will finish his first season with the episode "Robin vs Batman", where Dick Grayson will face the world in which Batman has gone mad and killed a large part of his villains.

Of course, all of this has an explanation with the history of the season, which makes this plot even more interesting, but it is clear that it is a spoiler for those who have not seen the series.

What has not been linked is that Batman is constantly present Titanium, but only in this chapter the series offers a full view of the character. In this respect, actor Alain Moussi revealed he was in charge of playing Batman from DC Universe.

Moussi is a dual action that has decided to fit into acting and has appeared in films such as restarting Kickboker and his continuation Kickboker: Vengeance.

In addition, their double credits are included in other DC properties such as Suicide, Supergirl i Arrow around that Ks-Men: Days of the future, Ks-Men: Apocalypse i Dark Phoenik.

The actor confirmed his role as Batman through his Instagram account where he wrote: "Well … the cat is out of the bag … or it should be said that the doll is outside the cave haha."

In the same publication, Musi presented a picture with Makima Savarias, his colleague who was a double action in the last episode Titanium.

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