Tuesday , January 31 2023

Men in Black Become Worldwide in a trailer for "Men In Black: International" – Movie News


Chris Hemsvorth and Tessa Thompson are responsible for giving life to new agents H and M, respectively, in a new tranche of recognized saga.

The first trailer Men In Black: International is here! After a long wait, we can finally enjoy the first scenes of the recognized saga Men in Black. Soni Pictures just made the first progress, you can see it under these lines, this time too The fight against aliens will be led by M agents (Tessa Thompson) and H (Chris Hemsworth) Worldwide.

Hemsworth, gives life to agent H, one of the best, but, as the life-giving figure says, Liam Neeson, director of headquarters in London, needs a partner, and who is better than Thompson, agent M to form perfect tandem. In the review we can see how they will have to face the threat, a mole inside the MIB, which will take you not only to London, but to Paris, even to a single Arab country, although we do not know what to do now.

After seeing the first trailer, what is certain is that he promises great scene scenes, with new weapons, and especially with very different alien species to which we are accustomed to see in original movies. The rest of the role ends with Rebecca Ferguson, Kumail Nanjiani and Emma Thompson, among others.

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